How to transfer calls with 3CX

In this demonstration with transfer calls from a Fanvil X6 to a Fanvil X3 phone - both are supplied by Coates IT.

We're using the 3CX telephone system - Coates IT is a 3CX Silver Partner, and offer phone systems to businesses across Scotland.

Please watch the video below to see a call being transferred.

Steps for transferring a call

  1. Answer the call
  2. Press XFER (it's a soft-button, below the screen)
  3. Dial the extension number, or press the person's name
  4. Hang up.

The above method is called a 'blind transfer'. But if you want to speak to the person first, and introduce the call, do this:

  • Instead of hanging up straight away, wait for the person to answer. If they want to accept the call, you can just hang up, but if they decline to take the call, you can press 'END' and then 'RESUME'.

3CX - how to transfer a call from Coates IT on Vimeo.

Coates IT show you how to transfer a call using 3CX - we provide PBX systems to businesses across Scotland