Migrate to Office 365

We can migrate email, contacts, documents, public folders and calendar appointments from Exchange, Zimbra, G-Suite and IMAP to Office 365.

We can also migrate SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box files to Office 365.


Public Folders

Exchange Public Folders can be a nightmare to migrate. Thankfully, we've completed the migration of public folders from Exchange to Office 365 enough times to know the tricks, and which pitfalls to be wary of.

An early step in any migration should always be to decide if the data actually needs migrating, or whether you're simply hoarding data. Under GDPR, there is a requirement that data only be kept for as long as is needed - so a migration is a great opportunity for a spring-clean. As a bonus, it'll speed up your migration.

We use a suite of tools to assist with migration, which we verify manually during our initial assessment and during the project process, to ensure data is not lost in transition.