We supply and maintain business telephone systems for companies across Scotland.

We are Ofcom registered, provide SIP trunking, and telephone numbers in most UK area codes.

Fanvil X6 handset

Call Packages

  • 1,000 UK mobile and landline minutes from £10 /month
  • 1,000 US / Canada minutes from £15 /month
  • 1,000 EU landline minutes from £15 /month

Standard Call Charges

  • UK mobiles: 3p /minute
  • UK landlines: 1.5p /minute
  • USA, Canada, EU landlines: 2p /minute
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UK Telephone numbers

  • Incoming telephone numbers - £2 /month
  • Block of 10 UK phone numbers - £15 /month
  • Block of 100 UK phone numbers - £100 /month

We offer phone numbers in most UK area codes. We can also port numbers from most major providers, so please contact us to see if we can port your number.

Call Centre

Call Centre Services

3CX, our telephone system of preference, is ideal for a call centre environment. It supports both staff in the call centre, as well as working remotely - they can even be logged into the same queues.

  • Queues - route to any available agent, least talk time, fewest answered - and more.
  • Announce the position / wait time estimate
  • Wall board with average wait, number in queue, lost calls
  • Remote and in-house agents can answer the same queue
  • Agents can be logged into multiple queues
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Phone System Leasing

Leasing a phone system means we handle the maintenance, we supply handsets and the phone system, and we replace your handsets every three years. You'll always be using the latest technology.

In addition, all our telephone systems come with inclusive call packages.

Call us on 01333 329 118 to discuss leasing a phone system.