Scale your business - quickly!

Moving parts of your business IT infrastructure to the cloud allows you to scale up (or down!) quickly and dynamically. When a service exists in the cloud, rather than on-premises, additional resources can usually be added at short notice.

What is "the cloud"?

Briefly put, "the cloud" refers to someone else's computers. These are powerful machines owned by Microsoft, Amazon, several hosting providers, and us. We use the capacity to provide services to many different customers - because the resources operated by cloud companies are far in excess of what individual companies want to use, we can quickly provision resources for our customers.

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Cloud services we offer

Microsoft Silver Cloud Partner

Benefits of the cloud

  1. Reliability - it's far easier to take backups of data in the cloud, and restore to somewhere else in the cloud. We can even mirror your data across several parts of the cloud, to ensure reliability and help with disaster recovery.
  2. Cost - often it's far cheaper to add more processing power, disk space or other resources to a cloud service than it is to provision these locally at your premises.
  3. Speed - if your company needs to additional computing power, we can temporarily or permanently increase the resources available to you. At your office, you'd need to buy, then wait for, then provision additional hardware.
  4. Remote users - if you have homeworkers, it is often quicker for them to access cloud resources than those hosted in your office.
  5. Security - your office isn't a datacentre and probably doesn't have much in the way of physical protection for the servers. Cloud servers live in secure data centres, with ISO 27001 physical security access controls.