Getting help from outside consultants to review your business’s IT system is a wise move, as it can give a new perspective and provide expert evaluation of your IT system which may no longer be best serving your business requirements. Coates IT should be your first port of call whether you need a whole new system designed from scratch, an audit of your current systems, or want to grow your IT to match the changing needs of your business.


If your IT strategy has tended to be reactive rather than proactive, Coates IT can help bring you up to speed with the latest developments in IT to ensure that you have the very best products designed for your needs both now and in the future. Coates IT can help you choose the right system whether it be on-premises or in the Cloud to support you to achieve your business goals.

IT Project Management

Once you have refined your business strategy and decided how you would like your ideal IT system to look, Coates IT can help with the nuts and bolts of the implementation of the new products, working alongside your own IT staff to ensure a seamless transition. Coates IT's long history as a Microsoft partner tells you all you need to know about the knowledge and expertise of our staff.

Business people consulting around table