How to park calls with 3CX

In this demonstration with park calls on one phone and resume on another. You might need this feature to resume a phone call at another desk, or to go looking for something.

We're using the 3CX telephone system - Coates IT is a 3CX Silver Partner, and offer phone systems to businesses across Scotland.

Please watch the video below to see a call being parked and resumed.

Steps for parking a call

  1. Answer the call
  2. Press XFER (it's a soft-button, below the screen)
  3. Dial *00
  4. Hang up.

To resume the call:

  1. Dial *10

3CX - how to park a call from Coates IT on Vimeo.

Coates IT show you how to park and retrieve a call using 3CX - we provide PBX systems to businesses across Scotland